Nurse Betty is letting Texans know now is the time to save on your Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare supplements rates are very competitive today because there are more insurance companies competing for your business.

If you have been on the same Medicare supplement plan for more than two years you should definitely compare to see if you save some money. Did you know you can change your Medicare Supplement plan any time you want? The only caveat is you will have to get medically approved to get a new plan. The good news is it's easier than you think and it does not cost you a penny to see if you will qualify. I can normally determine if we can get you approved with just a few questions.

Simply complete the form and hit submit. I will be the only person to contact you, if you do not want to include your phone number that is okay, we can communicate by email until you are ready to talk.

Thanks for your consideration,
Greg Downing